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Word Watch: The Varied Meaning Of 'Bailouts'

March 12, 2015

When we talk about "bailouts" of banks, does "bail" refer to bailing out a boat with a bucket, or to jumping out of a crippled plane? And what about "bailing" someone out of jail? Are these "bails" related? — Chris Ryan, New York City

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No-More-Bailouts Bill Springs a Leak: Fannie and Freddie Ask for More

Supporters of Sen. Chris Dodd’s financial regulation bill say it will end financial bailouts. In fact, the Senate — anxious to reassure Americans on that fact — even added an amendment last week with a stated purpose “[t]o prohibit taxpayers from ever having to bail out the financial sector.” But someone forgot to [...]

Morning Bell: A Recovery Only Washington Could Love

Today the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its monthly jobs report showing that the nation’s unemployment rose to 9.9% in April despite the addition of 290,000 jobs, 66,000 of which were temporary Census 2010 jobs. The rise in unemployment was driven by the entrance of 195,000 previously discouraged Americans reentering the workforce. [...]

Obama Plan Blows Secret Kisses to Wall Street

Somebody spilled the beans Tuesday, telling the truth about the financial reform bill being debated in Congress. But most media ignored it.