Real Financial Reform – No Reckless Spending

About is a joint venture of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) and Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). The purpose of the website is to educate about government’s role in our current financial difficulties, suggest reforms that address those root causes, and provide a clearinghouse for the latest analysis of the financial crisis. But most of all, it’s an outlet for Americans to contact their Members of Congress and the Administration to express their frustration.

Many Americans are angry about the bailout plan, and rightly so. Those who played by the rules and acted responsibly are now being forced to pick up the tab for those who didn't.

America owes its economic success to our free-market system, a system that involves risk. Some businesses succeed, while others fail. Those who succeed deserve the rewards of that success, while those who fail should learn from their mistakes by going out of business.  They shouldn't run to the government for a handout. is a place for honest, everyday Americans to educate themselves and contact their representatives to ensure that the government policies that helped create this mess are fixed for the long-term, not just for a few more months.

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